Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

BuyBack Services in Corby and Kings Lynn

“Whatever the service we provide our aim is to treat everyone with respect and understanding. We endeavour to help everyone we meet”

No there are no credit checks, loans are secured on goods and property not on the borrower.

You will be required to provide the following ID: (At least one form of ID from Section A, plus at least one form of ID from section B or C)

Section A Section B Section C
Utility bill dated within the last 3 months. Current/valid UK Driving Licence/Provisional (card and counter part) Current/valid Visa or Mastercard Credit Card
Wage slip/p60 dated within the last 3 months. Current/valid UK passport Current/valid Storecard
Letter from a solicitor/accountant dated within the last 8 weeks. Valid CIS Current/valid Cheque Guarantee Card
Letter from NHS/Inland Revenue dated within the last 8 weeks Current/valid Firearms Licence Current Switch or Delta Card
Mortgage Statement dated within the last 8 weeks Current council tax or rent book (must be dated) Photocopies of ID from section C will be copied front and back
Current/valid photographic employee ID card. Current DSS Benefit book.

Approximately 80% return and repay the money they have borrowed, leaving around 20% who choose never to collect the items they pledge.

All diamonds are taken into account, however, the diamond chips under 0.05 carat do not hold a great value, therefore, the weight of the gold only will be taken into account when assessing small cluster rings.

No, you are not obliged to redeem (settle) your account at the end of the loan period. You may request a renewal of your buyback agreement, to do this you will need to pay the outstanding interest. We will then issue you with a new buyback agreement, which will last for another 28 days.

Buyback period is 28 days.  You may at any time settle the loan and interest during the this time.

The answer is simple – nothing happens to the items you leave with Tolots. All the items you pledge are secured in a strong safe (size permitting of course), larger items are stored in a secured monitored storage facility.

Please note: The onus of insurance is upon the owner of the property, and not the pawnbroker.

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