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Tolots have pawnbroker shops in Corby and Kings Lynn

“Whatever the service we provide our aim is to treat everyone with respect and understanding.
We endeavour to help everyone we meet”

We were established in 1995 and have since gained a reputation as an honest, professional and ethical money lending institution.Forget about the image of pawn shops from the past! Tolots’ shops are bright and friendly with knowledgeable helpful and well-trained staff.

Besides providing a traditional pawnbroking service i.e. providing short term loans we also offer the following services:

Andrew Barnes and Tolots are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, Credit License Nr: 741332.


Pawn Contract – This type of contract lasts for 6 months. At the end of 6 months you can either redeem or renew the pawn.

Buyback – This type of contract lasts for 28 days. It is a simple sales and repurchase agreement. That is, we buy an item from you e.g. gold and you then have the option to repurchase that item within 28 days.

Anyone who needs to send or receive money quickly from people who are supporting friends or relatives living in a foreign country, travellers, or business people who need to make fast international remittances.

Tolots prides itself on accurately assessing your gold and silver. We aim to pay you the highest prices in the industry. When you sell your gold and silver to Tolots you can feel confident that you are dealing with a trusted and established company whose first priority is your satisfaction.

We will undertake all types of jewellery and watch repairs, especially on gold, and these are carried out by our own goldsmith. We are happy to provide quotes for any to be done. We offer and quick turnaround on all repairs.

Have you got an old piece of jewellery that holds sentimental value but you never wear?

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